About E-fastloan

This is why we are so awesome

Welcome to E-fastloan !

We offer you a totally new way of making the loan

History of the Company

E-fastloan is a financial Company created in Belgium in 2012, with a capital of 20 000 000 of dollars, with several subsidiaries in EUROPE and ASIA to help those who want to be in the realization of its projects

The Evidence In the World

One of the most trusted names in the loan market online, E-fastloan is dedicated to a more flexible type of borrowing. Our services have helped nearly a million around the world to manage their unexpected expenses more comfortably.

the mission of E-fastloans is to expand access to credit and reduce the cost of borrowing for the millions of people that traditional banks are generally unable to serve. Everything we do we do for the people!

Mathilde Northwest

E-fastloans ceo